Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Denali bound!

So despite being awful at blogging about it, I've been pretty decent at adventuring recently. 

Two ski trips to Taos, including hiking and hottubs and sleeping in VW vanagons:

Two RV trips to frisbee tournaments (one in Las Vegas, NV, the other in Tucson, AZ):

Cross country ski trip to hot springs in the Jemez, yurt/boarding/sledding trip to Red River, and probably various other shenanigans and adventures I've failed to mention. Don't worry, I'm also getting good grades in my classes, and picking up some work with a solar installer doing some residential roof installs. 

And in a few weeks! I'm heading to Alaska! I'm going to work here for the summer: 

No big deal. Just gonna hang out for 4.5 months near the biggest mountain in North America, see tons of cool wildlife, make lots of friends, and pretend I'm a 1940's park ranger and give talks to tourists. That's right, they're going to pay me to play pretend.  AWESOME!  I leave May 9.