Saturday, December 29, 2012

letter to a friend, or, what I'm up to:

I meself have wrestled much with the eternal questions of life, morality, meaning, and the lot. And it be true, I find myself headed once more to pass under the doors of institutions which promise to pass on some knowledge and trade. I do not consider my previous efforts a loss, nor do I regret them, I have simply come to discover that my learnings, while leading me on grand adventures, serve me less in the world of tiresome realism in which we dwell. Thus I have taken it upon myself to come into something more of versatility and usefulness, all the while seeking both meaning and goodwill for others and the world, and something that not numb my very being for lack of change, stimulation, intellect.
As of yet, I have not the perfect solution. I am of two minds: I may pursue the art of healing and thus aid my fellow brethren when ill they become--a trade which is both meaningful and wise, and yet will also give me the freedom to roam about, should I choose, for either short or longer amounts of time; it would suit my need for certain escapes. Another idea which has been taking hold is to harness power from the very source of energy from which we all draw life: the sun itself. From this orb of gas and light we can create the sort of energy we use in these lands to power all manner of electrical and mechanical devices. It would be of great interest to learn the method of this seeming magic, and create such contraptions for those who have mind to invest in this sustainable form of sun power.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

the mouse ran up the clock!

Long time no write. Fire season is over. For some reason this meant to me that I should plan lots of trips and go visit lots of people and do lots of things. I guess that's my MO, but I maybe have done more things in a short (relatively speaking) amount of than I intended. At any rate, here's a summary I've what I've done since being "laid off." 

I got back to Albuquerque, moved (some) of my things into a 2 bedroom house with 2 of my good friends, eventually getting my bed back from a friend, which I then put in the living room). Took off to Arizona, a quick camping trip to the Grand Canyon with friends, then to a frisbee tournament. 

Back to Albuquerque (briefly).

Off to Colorado. Got to visit a bunch of different friends, see some pretty parts of the western slope, some great canyons, etc. 

Back to Albuquerque (briefly).

Off to Colorado again. This time the eastern part, up to visit my sissie rat and Nate near Ft. Collins. I got to watch her do surgeries at work! And we did fun art and played games and frisbee and such. 

Back to Albuquerque (briefly).

Off to Puerto Rico! My roommate's sister got married and then I did more traveling around the island. It was lovely. And humid. I'd considered moving there before, but I think I've decided I'm not that interested. Pretty sure I'd be claustrophobic on an island that size. Though I tried surfing one afternoon and I could do that for a while...

Back to Albuquerque (for one night).

Back home for Thanksgiving, brought my roomies. Kelcie and Nate couldn't come =( but the rest of us had a lovely time, and Jesse and Holly's new puppy is adorable. I want one.

Back to Albuquerque (briefly).

Off to Arizona for an ultimate tournament, kind of a reunion team, and stayed with a friend from Tucson, great time and good weather. (Kind of want to move there. I think I need to visit in the Summer in order to think it's too hot...but palm trees! And citrus!)

Back to Albuquerque...till Christmas! Was going to go home again, but I just want to hold still for a moment. Sorry Mom and Dad! (see you in less than two weeks.) 

So, been busy, but was rather lovely. Cheers!